“How Easy Company Became a Band a Brothers” evolved out realizing we were losing the men of Easy Company in the early 2000s at a rapid pace; guys like Winters, Compton, Malarkey and Bill & Babe.  Not only were these men stalwarts of the unit, they all shared the desire to speak to groups and tell their stories, especially to students.  And so, I thought I would create a PowerPoint presentation that could be easily emailed so that anyone could give a presentation to a classroom.  But then, I realized I knew nothing about PowerPoint.  So with the lifelong desire to write a book, I quickly transitioned to the idea that I could accomplish two goals at the same time.  My London Bobby buddy Chris, after hearing my idea, immediately recommended I get in touch with Anneke to do the art.  It was a perfect match!  Anneke’s passion for WWII and her talent brings my words to life and paints a picture (pun intended) that I hope continues to honor the men and educate the next generations. 

We have many to “reach and teach” about our WWII heroes and it has always been my hope that my book is a springboard for further reading and learning.   I’m proud to say the book has been translated into French, Dutch and German and I have personally mailed copies to 21 countries outside the USA.  And I’m honored to say that I’ve had wonderful reviews from 6 year old boys to 80 year old women, and everyone in between.